Bravo to Jill Kargman: “Lay off Trump”

Jill Kargman, the star and creator of the Upper East Side comedy “Odd Mom Out,” isn’t shy about her politics. But it seems Bravo is.

Pagesix reports that Bravo recently nixed several jokes at the president’s expense from the third season of Kargman’s show.

“I think we were all really traumatized by the election and really channeled a lot of it into the show,” she told the New York Post at a Cinema Society screening Tuesday. “Bravo just said dial it back about 20 percent so we just took a Sharpie and crossed stuff out . . . I actually was scared they would say take 58 percent out and it wasn’t . . . So one out of five, it was easy. It makes the other ones that live better.” [NYP]