Women have lost the right to bare arms

Sadly, it would appear that women have lost the right to bare arms — or toes — on the House floor and lobby. In a Victorian-era move, the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has instilled a dress code barring women from appearing on the floor sans shoulder and toe covering.

CBS reported that “a young, female reporter” who tried to enter the Speaker’s lobby was turned away because her sleeveless dress “was considered inappropriate because her shoulders weren’t covered.” The savvy reporter tried to craft sleeves onto her dress by fashioning it with torn notebook paper but her DIY was still a no-go. Other female reporters have chimed in saying they have been banned as well.

Those bare shoulders are a slippery slope though. It appears the only official dress code simply states that  women should wear “appropriate attire.”  Speaker Paul Ryan, however, has interpreted that to mean he can give women the cold shoulder if they appear with their toes or shoulders uncovered. However, naked shoulders (*gasp!) are permitted in the Senate.

We have all heard about political coverups but many feel this call for a literal one is archaic.