The president of Goldman Sachs moonlights as a D.J.

Watch out Paris Hilton, there’s a new D.J. in town!

David Solomon is the co-president of a little investment firm called Goldman Sachs and a possible successor to CEO Lloyd Blankfein. He is also, it turns out, spinning tunes under the moniker “D.J. D-Sol.”

According to the Times, which outed Solomon as D.J. D-Sol, he has performed in New York, Miami and the Bahamas recently at parties “as women in bikinis and shirtless men wearing board shorts dance on a deck below.” He reportedly likes to play electronic dance music, though he also wants to push himself further, posting that he is “starting to play around with vinyl. Old school and lots to learn but very cool…”

Sadly, he made the Instagram account that tracked all his D.J. exploits private after the Times contacted him, so we can’t show you video footage. Why so bashful, David?

Solomon is not the only white-collar executive who moonlights as a DJ; Roger Silverstein, son of Larry Silverstein and an EVP at Silverstein Properties also spins tunes as DJ Roger Silver, telling Page Six in 2014 that “I love my day job but dance music is my passion.” [NYT]