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Farah Moinian hosts party for Berkshire Hathaway in her Park Avenue home: PHOTOS

Farah Moinian, Christiane Masiello

Farah Moinian, wife of developer Morris Moinian and broker for Key Ventures realty, hosted an event for major real estate players in her Park Avenue apartment last week.

Ashish Verma, Craig Dix, Iris Cantor, Larry Kaiser, Monique Fortinberry

The party was to celebrate the brokerage firm Key Ventures joining Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. Notable guests who attended the event include Iris Cantor, Anka Palitz, Kathy Doyle of Doyle Auction House, hotelier Ashish Verma from the Dream Hotel Group, Key Ventures’ Larry Kaiser, Craig Dix and Ellie Johnson of Berkshire Hathaway.

Katharine Riggle, Ellie Johnson
Vajihe Soleymani, Farah Moinian
Katharine Riggle, Ana Luchangco
Dr. Patrick Kerr, David Hornung
Craig Dix, Farah Moinian, Larry Kaiser, Ellie Johnson, James Johnson
Farah Moinian, Gaia Borra, Stefania Girombelli
Paul Tabor, Cathy Petrello, Peter Turtzo
David Sturner, Ronni Anderson, Farah Moinian, Luis Ramirez
Marco Borra, Gaia Borra, Stefania Girombelli, Max Girombelli
Iris Cantor, Larry Kasier
Kim Benzel, Laura Doyle, Kathleen Doyle
Craig Dix, Anka Palitz
Mika Sterling, Geoffrey Bradfield, Monique Fortinberry
Anka Palitz, Larry Kaiser, Vajihe Soleymani