Here is video evidence of Anna Wintour dancing like there’s no tomorrow at the Met gala

It seems that no one can resist the urge to dance when they hear Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

And when we say no one, we really mean it. More than two months after the Met Gala, Salma Hayek decided to make you question everything you ever thought to be true, posting a video of none other than Anna Wintour herself shaking her booty to the sweet, sweet sounds of Katy Perry’s hot track.

Of course, we do not know for sure it is Wintour dancing; Hayek does not identify her and actually left the mysterious caption “can you guess who are the other dancers in this video I took at the #metball?”

But careful analysis seems pretty conclusive; the mystery woman has Anna’s signature blond bob, she’s wearing a gold, sequined dress that is exactly like the one Wintour was photographed wearing on the red carpet, and she’s also super duper skinny.

So unless there’s some other Katy Perry-loving, Chanel wearing, booty-shaking body double out there, we feel pretty confident in saying it’s Wintour herself. One question, did she also do the backpack kid dance during “Swish Swish”?