Hamptons finance bigshot accused of punching his son’s teenage friend in the face

Don’t get on Michael Loeb’s bad side.

The private equity investor has been accused of punching the teenage friend of his son in the face during a charity fundraiser he was hosting in the Hamptons.

According to the Post’s Cindy Adams and Bruce Golding, Loeb was miffed at the teen –Avery Arjang — after he brought two friends to the charity event, and one of them got incredibly drunk and ended up “in the garage, peeing and throwing up all over himself,” Arjang told the Post.

Arjang says he was then planning on leaving with his friend, but Loeb’s wife called the EMTs instead. Loeb then told Arjang to call his parents, which Arjang says he was doing, when … WHAM… Loeb allegedly punched Arjang. Arjang also claims that when the EMTs (who were still there) asked who had punched him, Loeb admitted he had.

Arjang says he has a broken nose and also suffered a concussion from the punch. Loeb’s lawyer did not respond to the Post’s requests for comment. [NYP]