You’ll soon be able to travel like a Gucci girl

Is Gucci the new Goop?

Let’s examine the evidence. Last week, the fashion brand announced it would be launching its own line of furniture and other decorative items, expanding its influence and allowing fans to literally live in the Gucci world. Sounds good. The brand then followed that up today, when it announced it would be launching a new travel platform on its app called “Gucci Places.” Now that sounds Goopy.

Gucci Places will allow users to learn about Gucci’s history by providing interesting facts and details about different locations around the world that Alessandro Michele has found inspirational. When users are near such a location, the app will invite them to visit it. Once there, they can check in and win the badge associated with it.

The first such “place” is Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England, where Gucci is sponsoring an exhibit on “House Style” (Gucci’s Cruise 2017 campaign was also shot there). In honor of this, the brand has developed a line of exclusive goods that are only being sold at the Chatsworth and in Gucci’s London location.

Technology + recommendations + expensive (and exclusive) products? Yup, we’re definitely getting a Goop-y vibe here.