This magical treehouse is the most requested listing on Airbnb

We guess most people never got over wanting to spend the night camped out in their backyard. It turns out, the most “wished-for” listing on all of Airbnb is none other than a treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia.

Of course, this isn’t your average dinky plastic treehouse; this is a majestic, handmade treehouse composed of three separate rooms that are connected via rope bridge. Each of those rooms represents a different thing — mind, body or spirit — and the owner (and builder) of the treehouse takes each guest on a tour of all of them when they first arrive.

The listing costs $375-a-night, and features a wraparound deck with benches and a hammock; a bed that rolls outside so that you can sleep under the stars (it also rolls in in case it is raining); and a 150-year-old tree — nicknamed the “old man” — “who watches over the property and its guests.” Unfortunately, there is no onsite bathroom, so you have to leave the treehouse and go into the basement of the main house if you have to relieve yourself in the middle of the night.

“I’ve tried to understand why it’s been so popular,” Peter Bahouth, the home’s builder told the Today Show. “I think it’s a simple response to a complicated world for a lot of people.” [Today]