Moths attacked horror actress’ expensive clothes in her luxury condo

The creepiest thing to ever happen to Monique Zordan might very well be a moth attack. In a new lawsuit, the model and actress — who has appeared in horror movies like the zombie flick “Surviving the Outbreak” and “Greystone Park” — claims she returned home to her apartment at the luxury condo building 75 Wall Street only to find that moths had eaten all of her expensive clothes.

Zordan is now suing her insurance company, Travelers, which is refusing to reimburse her for her clothes because they say bug infestations are not covered under her plan.

According to her suit, she arrived home “and to her utter horror discovered, what she believed to be, clothes moths, which had infested her apartment, laid their eggs, and eaten through two couches, areas rugs, and a substantial amount of very expensive clothes, accessories, rugs and so forth.”

Zordan was forced stay in a hotel, she claims, and also had to miss the Oscars because she “did not feel comfortable leaving her valuables and clothing susceptible to further damage.”

Travelers said her plan only covered  “perils” like “fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, riot, aircraft and self-propelled missiles, theft and falling objects.” We guess moths don’t qualify. They did not return the Post’s request for comment. [NYP]