The Chosen Few hosts its third anniversary party at L’Amico: PHOTOS

Harriette Rose Katz, Jennifer Gould (credit: Patrick McMullan)

When hospitality professionals have a party, you know it’s going to be good! The Chosen Few, a society of event and service experts, hosted its third anniversary party this week at Chef Laurent Tourondel’s second location of L’Amico (which is often referred to simply as “Second”).

Sandra de Ovando, Frank Alexander (credit: Patrick McMullan)

Guests, including many members of the society, enjoyed the on-site photo booth, and chowed down at the Peking duck station, full sushi bar, raw bar with oysters and Alaskan crab claws and mini cheesecake cannolis. They also welcomed two new inductees to the organization; Sandra de Ovando of Ovando (who provided all the flowers at the event), and Marianne Cordillo of Cupa Cabana Espresso & Coffee Catering.

Amanda Fickler, Michelle Almodovar, Claudia Warner, Harris Lane, Trisha Stern, Dayna Field (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Peter Markowitz, Trisha Stern (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Emily Hartman, Jesse Hartman (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Darryl Stupp, Billy Rielly, Marc Jason, Jeff Siber, James Johnson (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Steve Paster, Laura Leigh Moorefield (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Rebecca Violante, Michelle Ladarola (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Debra Stroud, De Juan Stroud (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Claudia Warner, Frank Ammaccapane, Marielle Warner, Trisha Stern, Harriette Rose Katz, Melissa Rosenbloom (credit: Patrick McMullan)
Sandrade Ovando, Harriette Rose Katz, Marianne Cordillo (credit: Patrick McMullan)