Harry Macklowe paraded fiberglass zoo animals all around the city

New York was turned into even more of a jungle yesterday, when developer Harry Macklowe unleashed a fleet of giant fiberglass animals around the city in an effort to publicize his new building at 200 East 59th Street.

The animals, riding on flatbed trucks, visited landmarks like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center and Bloomingdales, while the property’s listing brokers — Barbara Russo, Natalie Rakowski, Mickey Conlon and Tom Postilio of Douglas Elliman– rode alongside of them (and occasionally on top of them). We’re told Instagram influencers were invited along as well, hence all these glorious shots.

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Macklowe told the Wall Street Journal in May that the animals, which he is planning to install in the building, are “a way to tell the world that the building is special and to give a personality.”

The animals are not yet moved into their new home — we are told they are hibernating for now — but we sure hope they enjoyed their sightseeing tour.

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