Trump’s (slightly off) drawing of NYC skyline just sold for $30K

The sketch itself (credit: Nate D. Sanders Auctions)

Update 7/28, 2:00 pm: Artnet is reporting the picture has just sold for $29,184. We hope it wasn’t Donald Trump himself, but given those bizarre, fake Time magazine covers that hang in the Mar a Lago, you never know.

Turns out Donald Trump has been hawking “alternative facts” for a lot longer than he’s been President!

Nate D. Sanders auctions just launched an auction for an original sketch of the New York City skyline done by none other than the president himself in 2005. If the image looks a tad off to you, it’s probably because — surprise, surprise, — Trump made Trump Tower the tallest building in the city. Even though in reality (you know, that thing he keeps forgetting exists), it is the 64th-tallest.

The rest of the buildings are unrecognizable, though to us, they kind of look like short, stubby fingers …

The owner of the print is unknown, according to the Washington Post; Trump drew it for a charity event sponsored by Pitney Bowes to help raise money for literacy programs. Bidding is starting at $9,000 and as of this moment, there are two bids (the auction has more than two days left on it).

The print comes in a frame, with a gold matte and Trump’s one-of-a-kind signature printed in — what other color? — gold. [WP]

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