Alexander Wang’s new collection is being delivered by bike messengers

Whether it’s weed, pizza, or a notarized letter, bike messengers deliver pretty much everything to pretty much everyone in New York City.

Obviously, Alexander Wang understands this, hence his latest stunt. The designer announced today that not only was his latest unisex athleisure collection with Adidas inspired by bike messengers, it will also be delivered by them in New York. In true bike messenger style, you place your order by texting a sketchy phone number that has been plastered on posters all over the city (917-512-7715, if you’re interested).

Text the product code of whatever you want, and your bike messenger will then come deliver it, wrapped in plastic as if it were a substance far more exciting than crazy expensive yoga pants.

If you’re not sure you want to participate in this marketing campaign, perhaps the brand’s video — in which bike messengers don creepy ski masks and then gather at a rave to party their troubles away — will change your mind.