Helicopter company capitalizes on “Summer of Hell”


Crowded subways, insane traffic and horrible commutes this summer got you down? One company wants to whisk you up and away from all that.

Our ever-altruistic and ever-opportunistic friends at Blade are eagerly capitalizing on the “Summer of Hell,” offering one percenters the chance to avoid the masses on New Jersey Transit and instead fly over the New York Bay in style. For $175, commuters can share a five-to-fifteen minute helicopter ride to Manhattan from helipads in Morristown, Bedminster, Bernardsville, Montclair, bypassing the mess below.

Inspired by the recent news chronicling tons of harried commuters, Blade based its latest offering on the concept of Uber pool.

“We think there are a lot of people who would part with $175 to make it to their meeting on time and not have to worry about when the trains will get them there,” said Tim Dwyer, the head of operations at chopper company Blade.

And apparently he is right. “I’m sick of the bitch that is Penn Station and the trains,” a potty-mouthed commercial real estate broker who lives in Bedminster tells the New York Post. He is happy to shell out $175 a few times a week for the convenience, explaining an Uber ride to his job usually works out to around $200 anyway.

The offering will be available until September, when Blade will re-evaluate if demand is still high come fall. [NYP]