David Rockefeller’s Maine estate hits the market for $19M

When David Rockefeller died this April at the age of 101, he left behind a rather interesting array of belongings. To name a few of them, there’s his collection of 150,000 beetles, which he donated to the Harvard Museum, his massive art collection, which will hit the auction block at Christie’s next year, and his enormous Upper East Side townhouse, which is currently on the market for $32.5 million.

Well now, it seems there’s another extremely expensive item to add to the list; his home in Maine, which just hit the market asking $19 million. As with many of the items his estate is selling, the proceeds from the sale are slated to go to charity, the Portland Press Herald reports.

Called “Ringing Points” the home is set on 14.5 acres that overlook the Great Harbor. The main house was designed by Peggy Rockefeller, and has seven bedrooms, a granite swimming pool, rose gardens, a study (where David wrote his memoirs) and access to about half a mile of shoreline.

His will gave his children first dibs on the property, but they reportedly already own their own homes in the area. [PPH]