Prepare your tent! Glamping is coming to New York City

Since glamping — or camping, glamorously — is basically only for spoiled and pampered New Yorkers anyway, we aren’t really surprised it’s coming to the city. In fact, we can’t believe it’s taken this long.

Starting on August 11 and running through September 24, Terra Glamping (a glamping hotel in California), will be setting up luxe pop up “Safari glamping tents” on Fort Tilden.

No, these aren’t the same crappy tents you used when you were in camp. These are outfitted with a memory foam mattresses, fine linens, rugs and furniture. You can also expect a full continental breakfast in the morning, s’mores (though you aren’t allowed to bring food into the tent), towels and robes, a bathroom trailer and a nightly campfire. How quaint.

Prices start at $200-a-night for the glamping experience, which is cheaper than a hotel room in the city, but also pretty expensive for a camping (sorry, glamping) trip. At least it’s better than that absurd $2,000-a-night glamping suite at the W Hotel.