For just $15M, a striking Frank Lloyd Wright house on a private island

What’s better than a striking piece of architecture? A striking piece of architecture on a private island, of course!

In Putnam County, just an hour north of the city, a  Frank Lloyd Wright designed a house to rival Falling Water on an 11-acre, heart-shaped property known as Petra Island, according to Mansion Global. A the house feature’s Wright’s signature cantilevering and a series of outdoor terraces. Inside, there are giant stone boulders jutting into the living room and the shower stalls.

But interestingly the house is not contemporary with Wright. Sheet metal mogul Joe Massaro picked up the property in 1995 for just $750,000. At the time a small cabin occupied the site, but Massaro realized that in 1950, plans for a home that was never built had been commissioned from Wright. So he decided to build the house.

Here is a look inside.