Hamptons ladies duke it out at French children’s clothing boutique

Mayhem was unleashed according to witnesses this week after French luxury children’s brand Bonpoint in Water Mill marked everything in the shop just $5.

Even the wives of the super rich aren’t above fighting for a deal witnesses told the New York Post.

“Some of the stuff costs more than $300,” one said. “It was a great deal, but it was mayhem.”

The event required two security guards who were allegedly forced to calm the rowdy moms.

“They were encouraging people to just buy a whole box to move things along,” the source added. “It’s like a bar brawl, except with women in designer clothes,” another source told the Post.

Bonpoint is known for its “kiddie couture” runway shows and has been coverd in everything from Vogue to InStyle. The event raised millions for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. [NYP]