Jocelyn “cat lady” Wildenstein just got engaged (and has a 32-carat rock to prove it)

Jocelyn Wildenstein has sunk her claws into another man. The infamous socialite — who is known for both the plastic surgery she received to make her look like a cat and her record-breaking $2.5 billion divorce settlement — has just become engaged to her fashion designer boyfriend of 14 years, Lloyd Klein, according to the Daily Mail.

Klein tells the Mail that it was Wildenstein’s unusual features that drew him to her the first time he laid eyes on her. “In Paris, where I grew up, they would put paper on the tables in the cafes and when I waited for my food I would always sketch a woman’s face. I realized at that moment that that face looked exactly like Jocelyn. I knew then and there she was the star of my life.”

This engagement is just a leeetle bit strange, because it was only in December that Wildenstein was accused of scratching Klein’s face with her nails and slashing his chest with a pair of scissors. He, in turn, did the logical thing and locked her in a closet.

Well, we guess Klein figured that he only has one life to live (unlike Wildenstein who presumably has nine), and he wants to spend it with his slashing lady love. The couple told the Daily Mail that their scuffle only made their relationship stronger. So go figure.

Klein certainly went all out for her, buying a 32-carat “D flawless” pear-cut diamond from Anvers, which he “encrusted in his ornate gold reptile skin design for extra flourish.”

And don’t worry, the proposal is just as bizarre; he did it on the 20th anniversary of Gianni Versace’s death when they were eating dinner at the late fashion designer’s mansion in Miami.

‘I said: “Jocelyn this was the day Versace died and this is the day we will live.”‘

How sweet? [DM]