Bumble was operating its HQ out of a luxury apartment building (and it didn’t go well)

While many people go on dating apps to try to go home with someone, it turns out that actually sharing your home with a dating app is a pretty terrible experience.

That’s what residents of the luxe apartment building, the Bowie, in Austin, Texas found out when the “feminist Tinder” dating app Bumble took up headquarters in a 1,200-square-foot, two-bedroom apartment on the 31st floor of the building.

To be clear, this is a residential building, so we’re not even totally sure how the company got away with doing this for an entire year (a resident just filed a complaint with the city, and the company has since moved, though they claim it’s because their lease expired). It doesn’t sound like they were exactly discreet about their presence, either.

“The Bumble folks are generally obnoxious, entitled, and treat the Bowie like their corporate office,” one resident bluntly told Buzzfeed. The Bumble staff has been accused of behaving quite poorly, taking over the building’s common spaces for their business meetings, shushing residents in their own hallways when they were on phone calls, stealing paid parking spots from residents and forcing the concierge to let them into the elevator (the apartment only had two key fobs),

And then, there’s this:

One Bowie resident described an incident in which a Bumble employee asked for his assistance while he was walking through the lobby. As he approached the Bumble employee, she held up her phone and informed him that he was on the “Bumble Kiss Cam,” at which point a second Bumble employee tried to kiss him.

“I said, ‘that’s assault,’” the resident recalled. “That’s completely inappropriate. I’m in a private residence.”

The residents fought dirty, too, enlisting the troll group the GNAA to issue a press release titled “GNAA Reveals Cause to Evict Bumble from their Corporate Headquarters” that Wikipedia pages for Amazon, Google, and Walmart temporarily redirected users to last week.

Bumble issued a statement to Buzzfeed in response to the complaints that “the building management was fully aware of our operations and never once issued us a complaint of any kind. And while it was never brought to our attention by management, we deeply regret any disturbance we may have caused at the building.” [Buzzfeed]