You can stay in a Mexican mansion once owned by Pablo Escobar

If you’re looking to soak up some sun and a bit of history on your next vacation, allow us to take you on a tour of Casa Malca resort in Tulum, Mexico, the one-time estate of Colombian drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar.

Abandoned after Escobar’s death in 1993, according to Business Insider, the house was purchased in 2012 by art dealer Lio Malca, who has since expanded the property from its nine-room main house to a full-on resort of 35 rooms and suites.

One of the few details of Casa Malca that remains from Escobar’s era are the resort’s bulletproof walls, according to Architectural Digest. We imagine all of the other luxury amenities would definitely have the approval of the Medellin cartel leader.

Casa Malca is located in the Yucatan Peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico, which is a dream destination for adventure-seekers. Climb the Coba Temple, snorkel in a limestone sinkhole, or ATV through the rainforest, and see the Mexico that Escobar once reveled in.

Given the current owner’s background, it is no surprise that the property’s decor was designed with art in mind. From the Keith Haring-themed bar to the contemporary art collection throughout the house, this resort is just as much of a design destination as it is a relaxing retreat.

Guests have access to the private white sand beaches, luscious gardens, three pools — one is underground — and a rooftop with 360-degree jungle views.

Unsurprisingly, Casa Malca is just one of many former Escobar-owned properties. But this might be the only one that was kept up to the kingpin’s standards. His vacation estate on La Isla Grande in Colombia, for instance, is now an abandoned ruin. According to Curbed, the property featured a massive mansion, apartments, courtyards, a helicopter pad and golden shower heads in its heyday.