Montauk breaks up with Tinder after wild parties

If there is a lesson to be learned from this week, it’s don’t rent any space to a dating app.

First, Buzzfeed published a story about how Bumble staffers wreaked havoc in a luxury apartment building in Texas where they were headquartered, stealing resident’s parking spaces, shushing them in the halls and even trying to kiss them.

And now, Tinder (or rather, Tinder Select, the “elite” version of the app) is in trouble for throwing two enormous ragers in a $135,000-a-month rental in Montauk.

According to Page Six, the first of these parties was for Whalebone magazine on July 14, when Tinder did not obtain the correct permits to throw the event (though it did have a “skateboard ramp, a DJ and a garden tepee for those tender Tinder moments”). A week later, they did try to get a permit for their next party, but when that was denied, they reportedly threw it anyway.

The owner of the house, Michael Hirtenstein, tells Page Six that he had no idea Tinder was planning to throw enormous parties in the house. “When I heard neighbors complained and the police were up there, I sent [Tinder] a text saying, ‘Get out of my house,’ and they were like, ‘We already did.’ ”

Tinder’s director of marketing faces a $20,000 fine. Tinder did not comment. [NYP]