Queen Elizabeth reportedly pounds four cocktails every day

In the words of Mel Brooks (kind of), it’s good to be the queen.

The monarch and leader of the British empire, Queen Elizabeth II, reportedly drinks no less than four cocktails every day of her life. Considering she’s 91 and still active, we think she may be onto something.

According to the royal chef, Darren McGrady, her highness starts her drinking off shortly before lunch, with a gin and Dubonnet apertif served with a lot of ice and a slice of lemon. Classy. While she eats, she enjoys a dry gin martini to complement her meal of grilled fish or chicken.

After lunch, she chows down on a slice of chocolate and a glass of wine, which sounds exactly how we want to end all of our meals.

Finally, her last little cocktail of the day is a glass of champagne every night before bed. After which she presumably passes out and snores so loudly Prince Philip can’t sleep.

We fully expect a drunken Queen Elizabeth scene to make it into next season of “The Crown.”