For $45K-a-month, you can be the king (or queen) of Downtown


For any masters of the universe out there who want to look down on all the tiny plebeians below them, boy do we have the apartment for you.

The penthouse unit at Frank Gehry’s New York by Gehry skyscraper at 8 Spruce Street has just hit the rental market asking $45,000-a-month. Located on the 76th floor, the unit is the highest residential apartment downtown, at almost 870 feet high.

This is only the third time the unit has been listed since the building was built in 2013, and it’s asking the same price it was when it last listed in 2015 (so it’s basically a bargain!).

The 4,232-square-foot apartment offers four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms in the main unit, plus access to a miniature guest penthouse (for your dogs, we assume). It comes with a 50-foot main room, 12-foot ceilings and, of course, views of everything.

This unit is still not the highest residence in the city; that honor belongs to the penthouse unit at 432 Park Avenue, which is 1,396 feet high. That apartment sold in September 2016 for a whopping $87.7 million to Saudi retail magnate Fawaz Al Hokair.