Rich Kid of Instagram reportedly breaks his arm saving someone’s life

Out of commission for the next month 😢 #survivor

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Andrew Warren is a rich kid of Instagram, a fashion designer, a best friend of Tiffany Trump, a possible abuser of his maid and now … a hero?

Warren reportedly broke his arm this weekend while in the midst of saving someone from drowning at the Surf Lodge. In what is potentially the most Hamptons of Hamptons incidents of all time, he claims he saw someone fall off an inflatable flamingo on Fort Pond, and did the honorable thing and jumped in to rescue them.

We’re not really sure how someone breaks their arm in that story, and on Instagram, Warren left a comment that opens up a different possibility for how things went down. On a photo of himself captioned “Out of commission for the next month #survivor,” he replied to one friend’s comment, saying, “I actually fell and a bouncer twisted my arm pushing me out and assaulted me xo.”

At any rate, Warren is now in a cast for six weeks and as he relates to Page Six, this has created some problems for him. “It is especially hard because I use my right hand to design and for social media.”

No one ever said being a hero was easy. [NYP]