Trump: Fixing Afghanistan is just like renovating the 21 Club


President Donald Trump is known for his way with words. His stream of consciousness ramblings and Twitter decrees are now apart of American history. But a recent Trump-ism hit close to home for Manhattanites — especially Manhattanites used to swilling $25 martinis.

NBC News reports that during a recent meeting with advisors, Trump compared the U.S.’s Afghanistan war policy to a renovation that occurred at the 21 Club 30 years ago.

“Officials said Trump kept stressing the idea that lousy advice cost the owner [of the 21 Club] a year of lost business and that talking to the restaurant’s waiters instead might have yielded a better result,” NBC reports. “He also said the tendency is to assume if someone isn’t a three-star general he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and that in his own experience in business talking to low-ranking workers has gotten him better outcomes.”

The reference is apparently to when the 21 Club closed for two months back in 1987. The restaurant’s owner hired a pricy consultant, only to find out the that consultant’s only recommendation was to build a bigger kitchen, according to Town & Country.

 “The clear message if you heard the story was: high-priced consultants or high-priced anybody, expensive supposedly-big-brained people, but who are physically far from the source of the problem, often give you much worse advice than the supposedly low-ranking guys who are right there,” an official told NBC. [NBC]