Saint Laurent rolls out a new roller-skate stiletto

We’ve witnessed an array of completely impractical, yet exorbitantly priced “fashionable” wares in recent months. There’s the $2,145 Balenciaga IKEA bag knockoffTopshop’s transparent plastic jeans and all of these insane button-down shirts. However none have been as bonkers as Saint Laurent’s new roller-skate stilettos

For those fashionistas who have mastered the fine art of walking in high heels, the next step — or slide — is to conquer getting place to place in a pair of three-inch stiletto heels, with a roller-skate wheel attached to the bottom and a kick-stop brake.

The “Anja 100 Patch Pop Pump Roller ” are available for $2,600 — about the same price as the near-guaranteed resulting hospital bill.

As if this pricey footwear choice isn’t baffling enough, what confuses us the most is that they are part of the brand’s Fall/Winter collection.

Because we’d totally be on-board if they were debuted in the summer collection instead. [NYP]