Live on the farm that inspired “Charlotte’s Web” 

For the first time in 30 years, the New England property author E.B. White called home while penning the children’s classic “Charlotte’s Web” is on the market. White and his wife, New Yorker editor Katharine Angell, lived on the 48-acre farm known as “The House at Allen Cove” for 40 years.

Originally built in 1795, the farm in North Brooklin is now available for $3.7 million.

So what does one get for all that dough?

For one, the 12-bedroom, three-bathroom house borders a pond and has 2,000 square feet of shore frontage. But the real selling point is that the property still boasts lots of goodies relating to the author and his work. For instance, the barn features the hanging rope swing made famous in White’s classic tale, which he wrote in the boathouse — still containing the author’s wooden desk, bench and wastebasket. ”

White, “would retreat with his black Underwood typewriter, Yankee magazine reports. “There he built a simple table and bench, placed a barrel for waste and an ashtray by his side, and with the sea breezes for company typed some of the most elegant and memorable sentences in the English language.”

Other perks include six working fireplaces, 19th-century stenciling on the stairway walls, the original icebox owned by the White family, as well as their original wood stove.

While there is enough land to raise scores of animals, sadly no talking pigs or spiders are included.