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Fancy sex club now trying to flog a $1M membership

Men have always paid for it. But this is taking the world’s oldest money-maker to a whole new level. Snctm, the “Eyes Wide Shut”-themed, celebrity-endorsed sex club for suave playboys and lingerie-inclined ladies is now selling a membership for $1 million.

The membership gets you access to all parties for life and a “24/7” erotic concierge, who “can teach you everything you need to know about sex, including foursomes, BDSM and juggling multiple lovers,” according to the New York Post.

To put that into perspective, entrance to a typical Snctm event costs $1,850. So you would need to attend well over 500 sex parties to get your money’s worth. Now to be fair, this VIP membership gets you all kinds of perks, included a “initiation ceremony” at the club’s New York Fashion Week masquerade on September 9th.

While that sounds like a pretty steep price for a little action, the club tells the New York Post that it have already sold two memberships at $350,000 and $425,000. [NYP]