You’ll need a “Braveheart” to buy Mel Gibson’s wild Costa Rica estate

Mel Gibson’s opinions may be, ahem, slightly controversial, but we think everyone can agree that his home is pretty nice.

The movie star just listed his Costa Rican estate, Playa Barrigona, for $29.75 million, according to the LA Times. This is the second time Gibson has attempted to sell the estate; he also listed it three years ago for the same price, so we guess he isn’t into compromising.

According to the LA Times, Gibson discovered the land when he was scouting locations for his movie “Apocalypto,” (they didn’t end up filming there, but we guess he liked the land). The 403-acre property is situated on jungle land, and includes three villas and more than two miles of coastline, with a private beach. There’s also a lot of wildlife, and whoever moves in can expect to play with sea turtles, ocelots and howler monkeys.

The main house has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a pool, and the other two guest homes have two bedrooms and their own pools. [LAT]