Comedian Eric André vs. NYC’s public art: VIDEO

Cringey, foul-mouthed comedian Eric André is now an art critic. In a highly embarrassing segment for New York Magazine, André asks Manhattan street people what they think of the public art used to humanize the most inhumane corporate office towers in NYC.

“You wouldn’t know good art if it bit you in the ass Whitney!” André exclaims at the start of the video. He goes on to mercilessly mock Robert Indiana’s “Hope” sculpture, “Looking Up” by Tom Friedman, “Welcome Parade” by Jean Dubuffet (which he says “looks like the H1N1 virus under a microscope”) and “Van Gogh’s Ear” by Elmgreen and Dragset.

“Hey what does art mean to you?” he asks a worker on the street. “Absolutely nothing,”

We are not sure if Jerry Saltz would laugh or cry.