Yoko Ono’s former penthouse plagued with toxic mold

Yoko Ono didn’t just break up the band, she may have broken the mold with this one, literally. A West Village penthouse recently owned by the singer and performance artist is now plagued with toxic mold, according to a new lawsuit.

In 2014, Ono sold the fourth-floor apartment at 49-51 Downing Street she purchased for her son Sean Lennon to developer David Blumenfeld for $8.3 million. Now, Blumbenfeld is suing the co-op board for refusing to make “structural repairs’ that have allegedly made the unit “dangerous” with warped beams, toxic mold and a rotted roof deck, according to the New York Post.

Blumenfeld claims that the issues come from a shoddy conversion job performed under Ono’s ownership — although Ono is not named in the lawsuit. Specifically, he points to “undersized beams” that have caused “chronic and significant leaks and mold” making the unit “dangerous, hazardous or detrimental to the life” of the occupants.

Blumenfeld, who has already spent $15,000, wants the board to make $1 million in renovations.

This isn’t Blumenfeld’s first imbroglio with the building. Last year, he lost a case that claimed the apartment was “uninhabitable,” which has since been reopened.

Ono had problems with the board too, settling with them over a suit alleging that the building act to prevent her from selling the apartment.  [NYP]