Throw away the caviar, champagne tastes great with tater tots

Champagne is still seen largely as a pricey toast for special occasions. But city wine enthusiasts are pushing customers to loosen their ties and pair bubbly with lowbrow bar bites.

For instance, Air’s Champagne Parlor in the West Village sells a drink called the WWBMD, short for “What Would Bill Murray Do?”The drink consists of champagne poured over ice with “expressed lemon” for $15. according to Bloomberg. Apparently, Murray is known for pouring his champagne over ice — the horror!


Over in London,  Bubbledogs pairs 60ish champagnes with elaborate hot dogs. In Tokyo, there isChampagne & Gyoza. And at San Francisco’s The Riddler tater tot waffles and complimentary popcorn come with, you guessed it, champagne.

“I wanted to turn the paradigm of the champagne bar on its head and introduce people to up-and-coming bubbles in fun, unexpected ways,” Ariel Arce, the owner of Air’s, told Bloomberg.

Looks like all your excuses for not drinking champagne right this very minute have officially evaporated. [Bloomberg]