Finance mogul rents Chumley’s upper floors for a whopping $17.5K a month

Ernest Hemingway’s favorite prohibition hang-out, Chumley’s, was recently resurrected as a trendy west village restaurant and glamorous three-story home. Now, Michael Samuels, of Broome Street Capital has rented the upper floors for a whopping $17,500 per month, according to the New York Post.

Following a prolonged and difficult lawsuit in 2015, the speakeasy was finally able to reopen at the end of last year.

This sumptuous residential portion of the townhouse, located at 86 Bedford Street, was originally listed for $20,000 a month.

“Finding a place like this with outdoor space in the West Village is like a unicorn; it’s very rare,” Samuels told the Post. “They don’t come on the market that often, and I wanted to jump on it.”

This contemporary and polished 2,000-square-foot pad features three bedrooms, vaulted high ceilings, fireplaces and skylights. It also boasts a spacious private roof terrace designed by landscape architect Steve Griggs.

Now after a long days work, Samuels can sneak down to his hidden downstairs restaurant, mutter the secret password at the hidden door, and sit down to enjoy an indulgent burger topped with bone marrow paired with a creative cocktail in a very exclusive atmosphere created by America’s most controversial restaurateur.