Amidst water fight with neighbors, Oprah discusses her love of bathtubs

We have a feeling Oprah’s neighbors aren’t going to like this!

In a new Vogue profile, the Queen of America takes writer Jonathan Van Meter on a tour of her incredible compound of a home, Promised Land, in Montecito, California.

In addition to having a teahouse, or “a romantic, open-air stone structure Oprah built for the sole purpose of reading The New York Times in the morning while drinking her tea,” Oprah’s home also has a really fancy bathtub because — to quote Oprah –“I major in bathtubs. I spend my time looking for the best possible bathtub a woman can buy.”

This would not be a problem under most circumstances, but the town where Oprah lives just happens to be emerging from a five-year drought and water use is heavily regulated. That is, it is for most people, but Oprah has her own private wells, and therefore can take as much water for her super long baths as she likes.

One neighbor told The Hollywood Reporter in May that Oprah was taking “10 to 20 times” more water than everyone else, though Oprah’s reps disputed that, saying “the property uses less water since [the new well] was acquired.”

Whatever the truth is, we can all agree that all these baths Oprah is taking certainly aren’t helping matters.

Note: We’ve reached out to a few of Oprah’s neighbors for comment and will update if we hear more.