Vintage cigars released at eye-popping prices

If you ever wanted to smoke like you were in Havana during American prohibition, boy do we have the smoke for you. Cuban-American artist and cigar maker Ernesto Padilla is about to release a specialty crate of 100 cigars dubbed the Padilla 1932 Millisime.

Labeled with the phrase “those who dare, win” in English and Latin, these cigars are stuffed with vintage Nicaraguan tobaccos — meaning they won’t come cheap. Stocking your humidor with 100 of these puppies will set you back a whopping $4,750 or $47.50 a cigar, according to Cigar Aficionado.

“Every factory I’ve worked with always has bales they don’t want to use in blends,” Padilla told Aficionado. “Tobacco they call their queen bales.”

The tabacco was aged in tercios — a Cuban technic of storing the nobel weed in palm bark-wrapped bales.

The crate contain 20 Toros, Double Toros, Robustos, Figurados and Churchills. The cigars are out this September. [CA]