Vegetarianism is more than a health trend: it’s an art and a feminist movement at Dirt Candy

There are probably more ways to eat a mushroom than you think.

Chef Amanda Cohen’s relaunch of Dirt Candy is coming up in just a few short weeks, and beginning on September 5, hungry New Yorkers can pile in for a new creative tasting menu –exclusively.

While Cohen plans to keep her regular favorites on the weekend brunch menu, during the week it’ll be all chef’s-choice, all the time.

Guests can choose from a five-course menu called “The Vegetable Patch,” priced at $57 including tip, or go all out and order “The Vegetable Garden,” a two-and-a-half hour dining experience for $83.

Each dish will be focused on one vegetable, “like a Peking-style sugar snap pea and an eggplant foster for dessert,” Cohen told Forbes. And guests can expect a very feminist-forward wine list featuring a majority of female winemakers.

“We just choose the best wineries that we can find,” explained Cohen, “I can’t help it if so many of them are run by women. That’s a problem that men should look at.”

Cohen describes the revamp plan for Dirt Candy 3.0 as a more luxurious and more grown-up version of her restaurant. Dramatic food presentations, artful designs and bold flavors are sure to make this veggie spot a huge hit this fall.