This Russian oligarch’s wedding to his model girlfriend is just as absurd as you hope it is

Another week, another Russian oligarch marrying a model in an insane, lavish and over-the-top affair. This time, the lucky man was Aleksey Shapovalov, who wed his model girlfriend, Ksenia Tsaritsina at the Barvikha Luxury Village hotel in Moscow over the weekend.

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As is custom at these type of events, the bride and her friends posted a bunch of photos of the wedding on Instagram of all the happenings, so we know that she had two different wedding dresses, a cake that was designed to resemble a chandelier, and pole dancing trapeze artists (obviously). We also know from a few months back that Shapovalov bought Tsaritsina a 7-carat diamond ring that is so big, it looks like a cockroach landed on her finger. It reportedly cost about $10 million.


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According to the Daily Mail, the night’s entertainment was provided by Polina Gagarina — a runner up contestant on Eurovision — and a Russian rock group called Leningrad. Cool. [DM]

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