Celebrate National Rum Day the right way

Every day is “National ‘Something’ Day…” and today is no different, it’s National Rum Day! In honor of that important holiday, here are some lovely photos of fancy, colorful and extravagantly garnished cocktails.

Any reason to drink on a Wednesday, right?

Union Square Cafe serves up a twist on the traditional rum favorite–daiquiris. Their Cherry Don Daiquiri, $18, is made with aged rum, cherry heering, grapefruit, cinnamon and a dash of absinthe. You won’t find one of these at the Caribbean tiki bar on your next awful family vacation.

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Fine and Rare in Midtown serves up a smoky take on a classic rum Old Fashioned, $20. It’s a mix of rum, fig jam, grapefruit bitters and smoke with an orange peel garnish. You can even choose what kind of smoke you want; options include Hickory, Applewood, Mesquite or Cherrywood.

If you’re in the mood for a more daring beverage, step into Jacques Bar in the Lowell Hotel for a Casablanca Sunset, $24. It features Havana dark rum, chocolate bitters and grapefruit.

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For something a little sexier, take a peek into Raines Law Room in the Lower East Side–an underground speakeasy full of secrets, trapdoors and amazing cocktails. Our favorite rum pick is a refreshing Jungle Bird, $16, shaken with Blackstrap rum, pineapple, Campari and lime.

At this cross between an upscale Irish Pub and vintage parlor, Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog offers tons of creative cocktails for celebrations today. For an sweet and tart rum treat, try Halley’s Comet, $16. It’s composed of Mount Gay black barrel rum, cherry, apricot, macadamia nut, lime, pineapple and hibiscus bitters.

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And last but not least, the classic Rum House in Midtown has anything and everything you’ll need for this special and unnecessary holiday. Take a seat and enjoy some live jazz while sipping on your favorite rum classics like mojitos or pina coladas. Or, go bold and try one of their specialty cocktails like The Escape, $16–made with El Dorado dark rum, coconut creme, pineapple and sweet vermouth.