The Cheetos pop-up restaurant is finally here (too bad you probably can’t go)

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The long-awaited Cheetos pop-up restaurant in Tribeca finally opened for a media-exclusive preview yesterday. The Spotted Cheetah serves wacky creations from Chef Anne Burrell’s that all use America’s favorite cheesy snack, Cheetos.

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Chef Burrell is whipping up all kinds of treats for the nostalgic New Yorker, including Cheetos-crusted fried pickles, Cheetos meatballs, Cheetos chicken tacos, Cheetos-crusted chicken milanese and even a Cheetos cheesecake for dessert!

This colorful and short-lived joint takes its whimsical theme very seriously. Forbes reports that guests were welcomed into the bustling crowd on an orange carpet, where they entered a restaurant adorned with bright orange fabric, cheetah-print painted tablecloths and even orange paw-print toilet paper in the restrooms.


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Unfortunately, it’ll be near impossible to try any of these unique snacks as the pop-up is only open until Thursday and the waiting list has already racked up over 1,000 cheese-hungry guests, according to the Washington Post.

So unless you have the most exclusive connection to Chef Burrell’s Cheeto exploration plan or a ton of money and good bribery skills, you’ll probably have to miss out on this opportunity to dust your adult face with childlike orange happiness. Lucky for us, Chef Burrell has offered a free cookbook for those who are unable to attend her very exclusionary pop-up.