DJ Deadmau5 takes a break from his wedding to buy McDonald’s sauce for $15K

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These days, McDonald’s is offering more than just a dollar menu. The chain gave away three bottles of its exclusive Szechuan sauce on Twitter earlier this year, and one of the lucky winners just sold his bottle for $15,350 to none other than DJ Deadmau5.

This special sauce was first released in 1998 as a promotion with Mulan, and was resurrected this year when McDonald’s sent a bottle to Justin Roiland, creator of the Adult Swim animated comedy show, “Rick & Morty.”

Three extra bottles were given to contest winners, and one of them, Robert Workman, created a poll on what to do with his rare sauce.

He concluded that the best way to profit from this sauce was to sell it online, rather than enjoy it with his take-out food or bathe his body in it. DJ Deadmau5 heard of this on his wedding day last weekend, and took a moment away from his bride to purchase the bottle online.

Now one question remains: are the $1 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s really good enough to pair with this $15,000 dollar sauce? [Billboard]