This is the secret phrase Anna Wintour uses to show her approval

And here we thought the most exciting thing that could ever happen to a Vogue staffer was hitting his/her goal weight!

Apparently, what really makes the hearts of Voguettes quiver is getting a piece of their work back from Queen Anna Wintour that is signed with the mysterious seal of approval “AWOK.”

Standing for “Anna Wintour OK,” the phrase is what Wintour scribbles on pages in the magazine that she has approved of. And Anna’s approval means a whole lot.

“Whisper the phrase, “You’ve been AWOK’d,” into the ear of an unsuspecting “Vogue” staffer, and he or she is likely to breathe a heavy sigh of relief, or maybe even bust out a happy dance,” Vogue’s Fashion News Director Chioma Nnadi writes in a new piece in the magazine (which we assume has been carefully AWOK’d).

Phrases you reportedly don’t want scribbled on your work? “Keep trying,” “No,” “Boring” or *shudder* “See me.” [Vogue]