Ann Coulter allegedly raises money for herself at an East Hampton fundraiser

@anncoulter at East Hampton Library #AuthorsNight. Photo by Brendan J. O’Reilly

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American sweetheart Ann Coulter landed herself in a wee bit of trouble over the weekend, after being accused of peddling her DVDs for cash at a library fundraiser in East Hampton.

Coulter was manning a booth at the East Hampton Library’s Authors Night, when celebrities and authors like Alec Baldwin and Jessica Seinfeld sell their books to raise money for the library. Coulter was there to hawk her new book, “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” but when she sold out of it, she reportedly started selling her DVDs for cash — which the fundraising co-chair says she never handed over to them.

Coulter’s initial response to this accusation was to tell the New York Post, “This is not true . . . You need better sources in the outpost of the resistance. Liberals are calling in nonsense.”

But when confronted with a photo of herself selling the DVDs, Coulter launched into a rant, which for some reason, she delivered in the third-person.

“Coulter’s books sold out one hour into the two-hour event — long before any other author sold out. Instead of disappointing her fans who couldn’t get into the sold-out dinner [afterward], she allowed fans to get signed DVDs at cost intended for the private dinner later. Your snotty liberal correspondent would be surprised at how many secret right-wingers there are in East Hampton.” [NYP]