Bride files $3.4M lawsuit against American Airlines for allegedly ruining her wedding dress

Plenty of brides end up getting wine on their dresses, but that usually happens after the wedding, not before.

One woman, however, was distraught to discover after her flight to her destination wedding that her dress was covered in red wine. And she’s blaming American Airlines — the airline she flew — slapping them with a $3.4 million lawsuit for causing “a lifetime of damage.”

According to her suit, Yewande Oteh was en route to her wedding in Jamaica from Philadelphia Airport in August 2015. Oteh claims that a gate agent told her she could hang her dress in the staff closet, but that once she was onboard, the flight attendant, Melanie Masters, refused to allow her to hang up the dress, becoming “indignant and agitated.” Masters told her to put the dress in an overhead bin, and so Oteh put it in a First Class bin and went back to her economy seat.

During the flight, she claims that she saw Masters and another attendant enter the bin and do…something.

“It was her belief that the flight attendants were placing something in the bin and making fun of (Oteh) and her wedding gown,” the suit states.

After the flight, Oteh claims the dress was covered in red wine, hence the lawsuit for “sustained and continued emotional and physical distress.”

Masters, for her part, says “It really didn’t go like that at all,” and American Airlines said in a statement that they are reviewing the case. [Independant]