Rich couple seeks ninja nanny with martial arts training

Plenty of rich parents post ads looking for nannies who speak multiple languages and have many Ivy League degrees, but this wealthy British family wasn’t afraid to ask for even more.

In an ad that was posted on, a family with four children wrote they are looking for “a highly qualified nanny who has a degree in child psychology, no children of their own and a minimum of 15 years of nannying experience.”

Also required? Self-defense training (though the parents will pay for your martial arts lessons if you don’t have the skills), a willingness to work six days a week from 7 am to 8 pm, and the ability to help the home-schooled children with their homework.

There are some perks to the job, though. In addition to a (relatively) nice salary of £100,000 ($128,680), the nanny would get to travel internationally up to three times a week (the family has homes in London, Barbados, Cape Town and Atlanta), and can use the family’s Porsche, Range Rover and Maserati for their daily errands.

Of course, they can’t have too much fun; “We do not mind what the nanny does with their free time, however binge drinking or drug taking will not be tolerated and will result in instant dismissal.”

Worth it? [CNBC]