Auction all shook up after Elivis’ rhinestone jumpsuit brings big bucks

It didn’t come with blue suede shoes but that didn’t stop Elvis’ iconic rhinestone jumpsuit from raking in the top spot at Elvis Week’s memorabilia auction in Memphis.

Tens of thousands of devotees strutted their way into Memphis last week for  fan reunions, dance parties, and concerts, the festivities. But the money fans slapped down on at the memorabilia auction at Graceland sent the less fortunate Presley worshipers straight to the heartbreak hotel.

For instance  a sleeveless jumpsuit and jacket Elvis worn on stage sold for $250,000. And his  “Blue Armadillo” jumpsuit sold for the same price, according to Bloomberg.



Other notable items gobble up by the King’s hound dogs included jewelry ( a gold-and-diamond ram’s head necklace saw $138,750), legal documents, a Savage .32 semi-automatic pistol (sold for $10,000),  an M1 rifle, his Spanish percussion rifle and a 16-millimeter film of a press conference.

In all the auction brought in a stunning $1.5 million. Thank you, thank you ver much! [Bloomberg]