Trump’s childhood home sounds like the creepiest place in the world

Back in March, Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens sold for $2 million to a Chinese investor. She wasted no time making money off the home, as a few weeks ago, it appeared as a $725-a-night rental on Airbnb.

New York Post reporter Gabrielle Fonrouge recently checked into the place for a night, and seems to have had what can only be described as a supremely creepy experience.

For one thing, the place has been decked out as a shrine to the President, with a life-sized cutout of him greeting you as you enter. Other presidential touches include three copies of “The Art of the Deal,” old pictures of baby Trump and a framed invite to his inauguration.

While those things are relatively expected and at least connected to Trump, even more bizarre are the notes the hosts added. In the kitchen, for instance, there are six boxes of Wheaties cereal and a note that reads “[It’s] the breakfast of champions — what else would Donald eat for breakfast, right?”

Even weirder, a note in the master bedroom above the bed reads: “In this bedroom, President Donald Trump was likely conceived by his parents, Fred and Mary Trump. The world has never been the same.”

That is just ick on so many levels. [NYP]