Live in Harry Potter’s childhood home with his parents’ ghosts for $1.3M

Expelliarmus! The house that inspired Harry Potter’s childhood home in the film adaptations of JK Rowling’s beloved novels is officially on the market for £995,000, or just under $1.3 million.

The house where Rowling imagined Harry’s beloved parents being murdered by Lord Voldemort is actually a beautiful 3,165-square-foot cottage in a little village called Lavenham in Suffolk.

Harry’s parents must’ve had a lot of family money, because this six-bedroom home includes a massive timber frame with ornate carvings, several fireplaces, wall paintings and a very rare stone spiral staircase.

It also includes beautiful garden and large alfresco dining terrace surrounded by typical English country cottage plantings like honeysuckle, lavender, roses and irises.

This property, called the De Vere house, is named after the second richest family (after the King) during medieval times.

You can be sure to have fresh eggs for breakfast every day too, because the garden comes with a large collection of chickens! [TAC]