Drink some trash with the new sustainable cocktail movement

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Low ABV cocktails were the last trend, low waste cocktails are the new trend.

Ever think about how much waste is produced from cocktail bars? Mixologist Matt Whiley, who opened a bar in London focused on reducing waste and local produce, thinks about this a lot.

“If more bars and restaurants actually spoke to each other there could be ways of actually minimizing [waste] by taking things from other people,” he told Eater. All the egg yolks left over from fancy egg white cocktails could be donated to a pastry chef instead of thrown in the garbage.

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Trash Tiki, a pop up bar that recently visited New York City, is all about sustainability. The post their menus on Instagram, use metal cups and bamboo straws that customers can take home and reuse, and utilize recycled ingredients that would normally be tossed like coffee grounds and ginger pulp from a nearby pop up and fermented pineapple skin juice.

Bars all over the country are now taking sustainability into consideration when it comes to crafting new cocktails. It’s a great power move in the bar scene, saving the world one whiskey sour at a time.