Party foul: Police uncover thousands of ecstasy pills stamped with Trump’s face

Make America wavy again! German officials recently uncovered 5,000, orange ecstasy pills stamped with the likeness of Donald Trump.

Now, we have to wonder who the market is for Trump club drugs. Are these pills for European Trump fans eager to vibe out with other anti-Muslim activists?

“Oh my god! Your hair feels incredible. They will not replace us, man.”

Then again, it seems a little more likely that these novelty pills are just meaningless cheeky fun for apolitical German ravers.

The creators of the Trump drugs are actually an Austrian father and son who were busted in a traffic stop in the city of Osnabrück. The police were amazed to discover that each pill was stamped with the word Trump.

According to New York Magazine, more Trump E is being marketed on the dark web under the banner  “Trump makes partying great again.” Is that really the best they could do? Sad!